Creating @Mentions Subscription


Chute now provides support for Instagram @mentions. Within your Workflows, you can create Subscriptions that retrieves all the Instagram media that @mentions you in the caption of the Instagram post.

This article provides instructions on how to create @mentions Subscription in Chute.




To import the contents where your account has been @mentioned in, you need to:

  • Have at least one Facebook Business Account linked in the Accounts tab in the Chute home screen.
  • Link your Instagram account to your Facebook Business Account. Each Facebook Business Account can only be associated with one @mention Subscription at a time.

Advantage of Using @Mention Subscription Versus the Regular Hashtag Subscription

Unlike hashtag Subscriptions, Facebook returns the Instagram username for any media retrieved via @mention. This is why Instagram users are encouraged to use @mention for you in captions.

To learn more about the Instagram @mention Subscription, see the article: Instagram @Mention Subscription 

To learn more about Chute Subscriptions, please visit the Subscriptions in Chute article.

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    1. Log in to Chute and access the relevant campaign.
    2. In your Workspace, click the Manage tab.

    3. Click the +Create New Chute button on the top right.

    4. Enter a Chute Name for your Workflow, then click Create.

    5. Select Subscription and click the Add Step button.

    6. Complete the following fields: 
      • Name (optional)
      • A short description (optional)
      • Start Date
      • End Date
      • Select the relevant Media Types.


        Points to be noted while filling out the Subscription window!

        • Do not leave the end date blank. It might cause your Subscription to stop working.
        • Set the end date to at least two years if you wish to use the Workflow for a more extended period. Please do not set it too long as it may break the Workflow.
        • Keep track of the end date. When the Workflow expires, it stops pulling in new content. The Workflow Not Pulling New Contents article helps you troubleshooting the issue if it happens.
  1. In the Instagram @mentions section, select the Facebook Business Account that you want to use.

  2. Click the Save button.
  3. Continue building the Workflow with the desired steps that you want to add to it.


    NOTE: While going through the process of building the Workflow, any step that must be completed is shown with a question mark mceclip0.png.

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When an Instagram user @mentions your brand username, the Workflow captures the Assets where your username was mentioned.

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