Instagram API Deprecation - Chute Response Plan - FAQ


Ignite is committed to Chute customer success.  We will be working closely with Chute customers to effectively transition to the new Facebook API, which is the recommended approach to address any issues resulting from the recent Instagram API deprecation.  

Below are the details.


What is changing with Instagram, relative to impacting the Ignite Chute platform?

On December 11th 2018, Facebook will shut down access to Instagram public media via the Instagram API. On this date, all access to Instagram Media must be through the Facebook Graph API. There are some significant differences between the Instagram and Facebook API’s and this will result in a number of changes in the Chute platform beginning on December 11th. This change was announced in April 2018, however, Facebook only released the specification for the new Graph API on November 1.


Connecting your Facebook Page with Linked Instagram Business Account
When: This can be done immediately

To continue to access public media on Instagram using #hashtag queries, customers must add their Facebook Page to Chute. This is done through the Accounts menu on the Chute homepage. Please refer to this document for detailed steps on how to authenticate with Facebook on Chute and add your page. Note that your Facebook page must be connected to your Instagram account and this should be the same Instagram account that you use for sending rights requests.

What does this mean for the Chute Platform and Chute customers?

Chute makes extensive use of the Instagram API and this logic will be transitioned to Facebook Graph effective December 11th. The new Graph API is more restrictive than the existing Instagram API in terms of capabilities supported, so this upcoming change will impact a number of Chute customers.


With this change, what specific differences can customers expect?

The impact will vary by customer, but the potential changes could include:

  • Restrictions on the number of #hashtags that may be queried.

Current Instagram API supports unlimited #hashtag queries. The new Graph API supports only 30 unique #hashtag queries per customer within a rolling 7 day period. A queried hashtag will count against this limit as soon as it is queried. Subsequent queries on that hashtag within 7 days of the initial query will not count against the limit.

  • Facebook and Instagram Business Accounts.

To query Instagram via the Graph API, customers must have a Facebook Business page linked to an Instagram Business account. Chute customers will be required to add their Facebook account to Chute through Facebook authentication within our application.

  • Personal information no longer available.

The new Graph API will not return personal information. Username and Location metadata will not be returned for any asset after 12/11.

  • Location search not supported.

The current Instagram API supports searching by both hashtag and location. The new Graph API does not support location-based searches.

What can customers do?

What are the important dates associated with this change?

  • April 2018: Instagram announced it would be deprecating their existing API, and all partners must transition to the Facebook Graph API.
  • November 1, 2018: Facebook released the specification for the new Graph API.
  • November 1 - Nov 27, 2018: Ignite engineers adapt Chute Platform, and Ignite Services develop customer-specific transition plans.
  • December 3 - December 11, 2018:  Ignite Chute CSMs, along with Ignite Services Team, work with Chute customers to successfully transition to the Facebook Graph API.
  • December 11, 2018:  Instagram deprecates their existing API
  • December 11, 2018 & going forward:  Information and training for transitioning to the Facebook Graph API is posted on the Ignite Chute Support Services Portal.


What is Ignite doing to support Chute customers through this transition?

Ignite is committed to Chute customer success. Upon Facebook’s recent release of the new Graph API specification, Ignite immediately began adapting the Chute platform and reviewing each customer's usage of the Chute platform. Based on our research, we are defining action plans to successfully transition customers.

To best define the action plans, all customers have been placed into one of four categories:

  • Minor
  • Mid
  • Major
  • Accounts Under Moderation

Ignite will be prepared to share our recommendations and to start working with each customer to make the transition.


Will all Chute customers be impacted by this change?

Impact of this change will vary by customer. Ignite has researched each customer’s specific usage and is developing a transition plan to best meet each customer’s requirements.  Ignite will begin working with customers on the transition during the week of Dec 3.




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