Subscribing to a Company's Daily News Brief


You want to add a new recipient to the Distribution List, so it can receive the Daily News Brief.



In order to receive a company's daily news brief, your email address must be subscribed to the news brief's recipient or Distribution List. There are two different ways to request an email address to be added to a distribution list:


Using the Subscribe Link

  1. Ask a colleague to forward the news report, unless the distribution of the report is forbidden, even within members of the same organization. This information can usually be found in the footer of the report.


    If forwarding is explicitly forbidden, follow the steps in the Requesting a Manual Subscription section.

  2. Open the news report, and click on the Subscribe link in the footer of the report.


    If the company's daily news brief does not contain a 'Subscribe' link, the administrator may contact the Synoptos Services team by checking the Synoptos Support FAQ and request for the link to be added. In the meantime, follow the steps in the Requesting a Manual Subscription section.

  3. A new window will be displayed with a form. Enter the required details.

  4. Click on the Subscribe button.


    If there is already a pending subscription for the email address entered, the message 'Email subscribe request already exists' will be displayedIf the message displayed is 'Your email already exists in the recipient list', the email address has already been included in the distribution list.

  5. A confirmation message will be displayed, indicating a verification email has been sent to the address entered.
  6. Check your inbox and open the email with the subject 'Verify Your E-mail Address'. Click on Verify Email.


  7. The following confirmation message will be displayed.


    Please note that in some cases, the company needs to approve the subscription before the request is processed. For any questions about the status of a subscription, contact the Synoptos Support team.
  8. If the subscription is approved and processed, a confirmation email will be sent with the subject 'Your subscription to the [XYZ] report has been approved!'.


    If the subscription is rejected, a notification with the subject 'Your subscription to the {XYZ} report has been rejected' will be sent. 


    Contact Synoptos Support to obtain further details about the reason a subscription request has been rejected.


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Requesting a Manual Subscription

You can contact support Via Support Portal, Email, or Phone, and request a manual subscription to the News Brief. For more information, check the Contacting Synoptos Support KB Article.


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