How can I Subscribe to a Company's Daily News Brief?



Most daily news reports already have, in the footer section, a Subscribe link. This link triggers the process to add a new subscriber to the daily report's distribution list. If you receive the daily news email and would like for someone else to receive it too, you may just forward the email to your colleague, and invite him/her to click on the Subscribe link.

Alternatively, interested readers may contact Synoptos Support to be manually added to a distribution list.

Below are details for both subscription request processes.

NOTE: If your company's daily news brief does not contain a 'Subscribe' link, the administrator may contact the Synoptos Services team and request for the link to be added.  





Using the Subscribe Link

  1. Receive a daily news report forwarded by another reader.
  2. Click on the Subscribe link in the footer of the report.
  3. A new window opens and you are requested to complete the following fields (refer to the image below). Click on Subscribe.

    NOTE: If you have a pending subscription, you will see a message indicating 'Email subscribe request already exists'. If your email is already in our current distribution list, you will see the following message: 'Your email already exists in the recipient list'.

  4. The following confirmation message is displayed on screen once the Subscribe button is pressed.
  5. Locate in your inbox the email subject 'Verify Your E-mail Address', and verify your email address by clicking on Verify Email.


  6. You will see the following confirmation message.


    NOTE: Please note that in some cases, we need to reach out to the company for further approvals prior to processing your subscription request. If you have any questions about the status of your subscription, you may contact the Synoptos Support team.


If your subscription is approved you will receive the following confirmation email: 'Your subscription to the XYZ report has been approved!'



If your subscription is not approved you will receive the following email notification: 'Your subscription to the XYZ report has been rejected'


You may contact Synoptos Support to obtain further details about the reason for your subscription request not being approved.


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Requesting a Manual Subscription

  1. Contact the Synoptos Support team either via email ( or by submitting a ticket via our support portal.
  2. Provide your name, email address and name of the news brief you would like to start receiving.
  3. Note that for some news briefs, we need to reach out to the company for further approvals prior to processing your subscription request. Hence, we may have 1 or 2 days of delay, until proper approval is received. 
  4. Subscription approvals or rejections will be communicated by the Support team via the ticket. 

    NOTE: If your request was submitted via email, please note that we have certain restrictions in place on our support system to protect your data in compliance with GDPR guidelines. All tickets created via email will be assumed to contain sensitive data, and the comments of the ticket will not be sent via email. Hence, you may receive an email indicating an update on your ticket, however, the details will not be included in that email. You will need to access our support portal, to review updates and to acknowledge that the ticket does not contain any sensitive data. For further details please refer to Synoptos Support FAQ.


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