Unsubscribing from a Daily News Brief


To stop receiving daily news brief reports to your inbox, your email address needs to be removed from the report's distribution list. You can either use the unsubscribe link included in the report or you can ask the Support team to remove your email address from the report's recipients list at any time. This article describes the steps to unsubscribe from a distribution list or create an unsubscription request.
Using the Unsubscribe Link
Requesting a Manual Unsubscription


Using the Unsubscribe Link

  1. Open the latest daily news brief report from your inbox.
  2. Click on the Unsubscribe link in the footer of the report.

    NOTE: If the company's daily news brief does not contain an Unsubscribe link, the administrator may contact the Synoptos Services team and request for the link to be added. In the meantime, create an unsubscription request as described in Requesting a Manual Unsubscription.

  3. The unsubscription will automatically be processed and the following confirmation message will be displayed.
  4. If the following message is displayed instead, it means that the email address is no longer in the distribution list.
    For any further questions, please contact our Synoptos Support team.

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Requesting a Manual Unsubscription

Via Email 

  1. Send an email to SynoptosSupport@ignitetech.com with the following details:
    • Subject: Unsubscription Request
    • Full name.
    • Email address.
    • Name of the news brief you would like to stop receiving.
  2. Unsubscription confirmations will be communicated by the Support team via the ticket created based on the details included in the email.

    To protect customer's data in compliance with GDPR guidelines, all tickets created via email will be assumed to contain sensitive data. Customers will receive notifications about ticket updates, but details of the update will not be included in the notification.

Via the Support Portal

  1. Create a request in the Synoptos Support Portal as described in Contacting Synoptos Support with the following details:
    1. Subject Unsubscription Request.
    2. Description:
      1. Full name.
      2. Email address.
      3. Name of the news brief you would like to stop receiving.
  2. Unsubscription confirmations will be communicated by the Support team via the ticket. 

Note that in some cases the email address related to the unsubscription request is not found in the distribution list of the news brief report. This could be due to an auto-forward setup. Sometimes organizations set up a former colleague's email to go to their successor. The company's IT department can provide assistance identifying if the report is being forwarded from another email address.

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