Generating AuthKey for FirstRain API


You may need to generate a new AuthKey for FirstRain API (e.g., the previous one is going to expire).


You need to have API credentials (API Key and password) to create an AuthKey. These credentials are provided when you request access to the FirstRain API for the first time and they are permanent. If you do not have API credentials, reach out to your Account Manager to start using FirstRain API. 

To generate an AuthKey, execute the following API call (depending on the API version that you are using -it is included in your API Key, e.g., CompanyAPIv2) in Postman or any other suitable app: 


    Additional settings:
    • Method: POST
    • Header: Accept: application/json
    • Body: {"authName":"<Your API Key>","authPassword":"<Your API password>"}


Here is an example of a response for the executed API call; it includes the AuthKey itself and its expiration date:



If a customer needs to generate a new authentication key, they need to provide their API credentials.

If the customer does not remember their API password, they should provide their API Key (AuthName) - you need to elevate the case to the SaaS team to change the API password for the customer in the database.




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