Resetting Your Chute Password


You may have trouble logging in to your Chute account due to an invalid password error, or you may simply want to change your password for security reasons. This article provides the steps to reset your Chute account password.



Your Chute username is your email address.

  • This is the email address used when you registered as a user in Chute.
  • This is the email address where you received your invitation email during the registration process.
  • This email address is used in combination with a password when logging in to your Chute account.

If you have forgotten your password or you wish to reset it for security purposes, you may do so through the Sign In screen.

Note: If you are having trouble resetting your password through the Sign In screen, or you did not receive the password reset email, please contact the support team (, and we will reset the password for you.

A common reason why you may not receive the password reset email is that your spam filter may have captured it. Please check the spam folder in your mailbox.



  1. Go to the Chute page.

  2. On the Chute page, click Login with Chute Account.


  3. Click the Forgot Password link on the Sign In screen.


  4. Enter your email address and click the Send Email button. A password reset email will be sent to your mailbox.


  5. Check your mailbox and open the Chute Password Reset email (see the sample mail below).


  6. Click the link in the email to go to the Password Recovery page and set up your new password.

  7. Enter the new password in the Password and Password Confirmation fields and click Reset Password.

    Password Tip: Use at least three of the four available character types—lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols—for a more secure password.


  8. Click Please login to continue.


  9. On the Chute page, click Login with Chute Account


  10. On the Sign In screen, enter your email address and new password then click Sign In.



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