Generating Voting Contest Reports on Chute Pages



Chute Pages allow marketers to easily create highly visual blog posts using media or assets collected through Chute. It also enables customers to include voting options when holding contests for their campaigns.

This article provides steps on how to download the votes data for a contest on Chute Pages.




  1. Log in to Chute and access the relevant campaign.

  2. Click the Pages tab:


  3. Go to the published page you want to collect the data from.

  4. Click the three-dot menu and select Export Data:


    Note: An email will be sent to your registered email address.

  5. Go to your mailbox (registered email address) and look for the email from

  6. Open the email and click the download link provided to download the file.


  7. Sort the data based on your desired output.


NOTE: Chute will only provide raw data. You will need to use MS Excel/Google Sheets functions to sort the data according to your desired output.



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