Adding and Enabling a Logo on Chute Displays


Under the Brand configuration option on Displays, you can toggle the logo (which is displayed in the header) on or off. This is the section where you can also add the image file to display the logo.

This article explains how to enable the logo and add the image file of the logo on Chute Displays. This article also explains the type of image file needed for the logo.



Enabling and adding a logo on Chute Displays is available only for certain display types such as Matrix, Photostack, Big Splash, Live Display, and Triptych.

If you do not see Brand on the display configuration option, this means adding a logo is not supported for that display type.



  • The logo uses a URL value for the image file. This means that your image should be stored on an image hosting site. You can search the internet for a paid or a free image hosting platform where you can store your logos and images.

  • Do not be confused with the "Brand" logo and the "Chute" logo. The "Brand" logo refers to the logo that you want to display for your brand or organization. The "Chute" logo, on the other hand, is the actual logo of Chute (that says, "Powered by CHUTE"), which appears on the upper-right part of the Display. 




To enable and add a logo on Displays, do the following:

  1. Log in to Chute and access the relevant campaign.

  2. Click the Displays tab. 


  3. On the list of Displays in the left panel, select the Display you want to configure.


  4. Open the Brand configuration on the right panel of the Display.

  5. Under Logo, tick the box next to Enabled. This allows the logo to be displayed on the header.


  6. In the URL box, enter the image URL. The logo uses a URL value for the image file. This means that your image should be stored in an image hosting site


  7. Click the Save button to save the changes.



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