Updating Username and Email in FirstRain


You may have misspelled a user's email while creating a new account and need to correct the account username and email.

Username of accounts FirstRain is the same as the email address entered during the account creation. It cannot be updated by users or administrators in the FirstRain application.



You need to submit a request to our Support team to update a username, including the current username and the correct username; email address will also be updated by our team if it is incorrect.
Note: If you only need to update a user's email, refer to the article Updating Email Address for Briefs.



  1. Log in to the FirstRain Research tool using the same credentials as you use for the FirstRain application.
  2. Click Hello, <Your Name> in the top right corner and select Users:


  3. Search for the account using its username (in this example, john.doe1234@mailinator.com):


  4. Click Edit next to the required account.

  5. In the Edit user form, enter the correct email address in the Username and Email fields.
    In this example, john.doe1234@mailinator.com was changed to john.doe12345@mailinator.com:


  6. Click Update.
    A confirmation message "Settings updated successfully." is displayed.


  7. Inform the requester that the correct email should be used as the username to login to FirstRain, and all emails will be routed to the same email address.




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