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Pages (formerly known as Stories) are an easy way to create content that can be published as a webpage using assets gathered through Chute. You can add single posts directly from social media, an album, or upload them directly from your personal computer.

Read on to learn more about the typical usage and features of Chute Pages.




Common Usage

  • Chute Pages are commonly used for Contests. One example is a "photo contest" where users can cast their votes for the best photo shown on the Page.
  • Publishing to Facebook allows you to create a tab on a Facebook page that shows the contents of a Chute Page.
    • Ensure that the Facebook account with admin rights to the Facebook business pages is connected to Chute.
    • Ensure that the Facebook business page has at least 2,000 followers.



  • Pages can be filled in by single posts directly from social media, an album, a personal computer, or social media accounts of customers.
  • Media Chooser can be added to a Page to allow users to upload their own content to the customer's campaign. This is usually done for a contest where viewers can vote. If a user is having issues uploading contents such as photos or videos, check if they are meeting the requirements.
  • Pages allow adding an entire existing Chute Display. Only Matrix, Carousel 2, and Squares Display types are available for use in Pages.
  • You can add text of different formats to a Page.


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