Creating a Page



Pages (formerly known as Stories) are an easy way to create content that can be published as a webpage using assets gathered through Chute.

This article provides the steps to create a Page.




  1. From the Chute homescreen, access the campaign you want to work on.
  2. Click the Pages tab.
  3. On the Pages screen, click on Create New Page.
  4. Configure the newly created page.
    1. Give it a title and a subtitle (optional), which will appear on the header of the new Page.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Set up your Page.

    There are three tabs that you can use to set up your page: Assets, Widgets, and Configuration



    Tab Name Description
    Assets The Assets tab is where you can add images from social media, existing albums, or direct uploads. 
    Widgets The Widgets tab allows you to add a Media Chooser, configure an entry and vote period for a contest, and add a Display.
    Configuration The Configuration tab is the section where you can manage the header section as well as the publishing of the Page.


  5. Edit the Header. The header is where the Title, Subtitle, and Tags are displayed. These can be edited at any time. Adding tags will allow you to quickly communicate the hashtags that your team is using on social media. 


    • Images can be added to the Page by dragging and dropping them from the Assets tab.
    • The header image can be repositioned by using the Reposition Cover Photo button within the header.
  6. Publish the Page.


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