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This article provides the answers for the FAQs arising from the implementation of the new support portal launched in June 2019 and the different ways to contact our teams.



Frequently Asked Questions 


Q1. Are there changes in how to contact the Synoptos team?

Yes. After Synoptos joined the Ignite Technologies portfolio in Q2 2019, we expanded the teams working directly with Synoptos customers to ensure they receive the highest level of customer service.

  • What has not changed: Your dedicated Account team (or Services team) is ready to handle any matters related to the content and delivery of your daily and weekly reports and news briefs, as well as any new services that you may need.
  • What changed: You now have access to a 24/7 Support team to assist you with any matters related to Nucleus product, system access, technical inquiry, or subscription/unsubscription/distribution list requests.


Q2. How can I contact the Synoptos Account or Services team?

You have two options for contacting the Account team:

  • Option 1: Continue using the same email addresses you have been using: [CompanyName]
  • Option 2: Open a request via the portal and select “Service team: Requests related to content and delivery of your reports and news briefs.”


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Q3. How can I contact the Synoptos Customer Support team?

There are three channels for reaching our Support Team:

  • Support Portal: Ignite Global Support
  • Email:
  • Support Phone Numbers:
    United States Toll-Free: 1-855-453-8174
    United States Toll: 1-512-861-2859
    United Kingdom: 0808-189-1290
    France: 0800-915549

    Note: If your country is not listed above, you can dial the US Toll Number 1-512-861-2859 to reach our support organization.

Further details on how to contact the Synoptos Customer Support team are available in the Contacting Customer Support article.


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Q4. What are the steps to access the support portal? 

To access our support site, please go to Ignite Global Support and use your email address to log in. Signing in for the first time, however, requires requesting a new password.

  1. Click on Forgot password or Get Password.
  2. Enter your email address to retrieve the password. Please note that the system may take up to 10 minutes to send you an email with a one-time link to create your new password.
    • In case the email message does not appear in your inbox, please check your spam filter.
    • If you have any issues, please contact us via email.

After logging in to the portal, you will be taken to the home page, where you will be able to see the general articles and articles related to the Ignite products.


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Q5. How do I access the support portal for the first time?

To access our support site, please go to Ignite Global Support

  • If this is the first time you are logging in, please click on the “Sign-up” option to create a new account.
  • If you have communicated with our support in the past, via email, then your account would already exist in the system. You can then use the “Get Password” or “Forgot Password” options to request a new password.
If you have any issues, please contact us via email.


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Q6. How do I create a ticket?

You can log in to the support system and create a new ticket by clicking on Submit A Request and using the web form. Once you log in to the support system, you will have access to the Ignite Help Center for additional help.

Additionally, you can also create a ticket by contacting us via email or phone at the numbers mentioned earlier in this article. 


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Q7. Why can I not see ticket updates via email?

Please note that we have certain restrictions in place on our support system to protect your data in compliance with GDPR guidelines. All tickets created via email will be assumed to contain sensitive data, and the comments of the ticket will not be sent via email. To change this, users may go to the portal to acknowledge that the ticket does not contain any sensitive data.


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Q8. What if I have additional questions?

If you need more information on any of these procedures, please contact us via email.


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