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Chute has three display categories: Live, Web, and Custom.

This article provides information on Live Displays.

Custom Display is a display type that is only available by request. It has customized features that are not available on either Live or Web displays. Please contact your Account Manager if you want a Custom Display for your page.

For more information, refer to the Web Displays article. 




Live Displays are normally used in live events such as concerts and festivals. The Live Display types are Big Splash, Live Display, Photo Stack, and Triptych



Things you need to know about Live Displays:

  • Live Displays can only be published as a standalone page.

  • The Embed code script is not an option for this type of Display.



Types of Live Displays



Description (click on the image to enlarge)

Big Splash
  • In this type of display, assets are shown in a large, 'single display' show and change with the chosen interval time.
  • You can set transition effects and sidebar settings where you can place a Call to Action button that allows you to insert a hyperlink for users to click on.


Live Display 


  • In this type of display, multiple assets are shown all at once and change with the chosen interval time.
  • Style color, transition interval, effect, header settings such as background color and Chute logo color are among the things you can configure.



Photo Stack


  • A Photo Stack Display is a type of display where the assets are simply arranged in a stack; this shows each of them one at a time and at a certain interval that's configured in the transition settings.
  • This display also shows the asset information such as comments from the user, hashtags used, and their username (@username).
  • There are not many settings available to configure in this type of display.




  • The Triptych Display is where you can show your assets in a set of three images at a time.
  • There are not many settings available to configure here, just like the Photo Stack.





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