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A Display allows you to show your content on a web page in a variety of layouts. This feature can be accessed by clicking Displays from the Chute homescreen.


This article walks you through the different features available to create your Chute Displays.




  • A Display pulls images from a selected album to display on a web page. The source album can be changed to any available albums within a campaign any time you want.
    • Images or assets added to the selected album will be shown automatically on your web page through the Display.
    • As customers, you have full discretion of using either approved or unapproved assets. But we strongly recommend using approved assets to avoid any potential legal issues. To learn more about requesting rights in Chute, please visit the Processing Rights Requests KB article.
  • The 'Type' cannot be changed once a Display is created. You will need to discard it and create another one to suit your needs.
  • Displays can be customized. Examples of customizations available are: 
    • The margins between the assets
    • The size of images
    • Transition interval time
    • The inclusion of a brand logo
    • E-commerce which can be set up to show tagged products 

  • Each Display Type has its own set of configuration settings and usually differ from each other. One example is the E-commerce option, which is only available to Matrix, Carousel 2, and Squares

    Screen_Shot_2019-11-12_at_1.03.01_PM.png Live Display
    Screen_Shot_2019-11-12_at_1.20.55_PM.png Widget Display
    Screen_Shot_2019-11-12_at_1.19.39_PM.png Squares Display
  • After creating and saving a Display, there are two options to publish it.

    Displays can be embedded into a web page using the Embed Code or can be accessed as a Standalone Page.  



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Display Categories


There are three Display categories in Chute: Live, Web, and Custom

  • Live Displays are typically used in live events such as concerts and festivals.
  • Web Displays are commonly used to promote a business by embedding the Display into websites.
  • Custom Display is a display type that is only available by request. It has customized features that are not available in either Live or Web displays. Please contact your Account Manager if you want a Custom Display for your page.


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