Setting up a Chute Page



After creating a page, you must set up your page by adding the elements you want using the assets, widgets, and configuration module tabs. 

This article provides detailed information on how to set up Chute Pages.

NOTE: Click the links provided below to follow the instructions to use each function.


Assets Tab


When setting up a Chute Page, you have the option to add assets or images from different sources through the Assets tab.


You can add assets from the following sources:

  • Social Media: Search for images on Twitter and find content that you want to add to your Chute Page. 
  • Albums: Choose media or images from the albums in your Workspace Library and add them to your Chute Page.
  • Uploads/Media Chooser: Use media chooser to upload your photos from SkyDrive, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Flicker, or from your hard drive or flash drive.
  • 3rd Party Websites using Embed HTML or JavaScript Codes: Embedding content in pages is a great way to incorporate content from 3rd party websites. You can embed forms, videos, and comments from approved sources directly into your page.


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Widgets Tab


The Widgets tab allows you to add a Media Chooser upload button, add a Chute display, and configure a contest.


  • Add a Media Chooser Upload Button: The Widgets tab allows you to add a Media Chooser button on Chute Pages. The button will enable visitors to upload content to a contest.
  • Configure a Contest: You can configure a contest with an entry period and a voting period, and include countdown clocks for both entry and vote period on your Chute Page.
  • Add a Display: You can add an existing display to your Chute Page to show contest entries for the contest already set up in your Campaign.


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Configuration Tab


The Configurations tab allows you to set up the header section of the Chute Page and configure publishing options.


The following functions are available in the Configuration tab: 

  • Set up the Header sectionYou have the option to hide or show the header or set the page width for responsive scaling.
  • Configure the Publishing optionsYou can publish your Chute page with a standard standalone URL, or you may use a custom subdomain. You can also add the contest you created to a Facebook page.


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