Publishing a Page



After creating and setting up the Page, it needs to be published to make it available for viewing.

This article provides the steps to publish a Page



  1. In the Pages section, select the Draft dropdown menu at the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select Publish


    Note: There is an option to Preview or Delete the Page, should you not wish to continue.



    After clicking the Publish button, the next window provides the Embed Code, Standalone Page URL, and the Salesforce Page ID.


  2. Once the Page is published, the dropdown button will now say Pages.


    Clicking the dropdown menu will give you the option to preview the Page, get the links (Embed, Standalone, and Salesforce Page ID), or archive the page.

  3. Embed the codes to your site. The Get Links option allows you to get a Standalone Page Link, Embed Code script, and a Salesforce Page ID that you can copy to your website.



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