Assets Pulled from Instagram Are Displayed with an Anonymous Username


You may have noticed that the assets pulled via hashtags from Instagram into your Workflow are now displayed with an anonymous username (instead of the corresponding one).

This article explains the reason for such behavior and how to retrieve assets from Instagram with the corresponding username.



On December 11th, 2018, Facebook disabled access to Instagram public media via the Instagram API. Now, you can retrieve public media from Instagram via the Facebook Graph API, which has significant differences compared to the Instagram API. This resulted in a number of changes in the Chute platform.

The feature to import any user-related information was removed. As a result, any asset collected through the Instagram hashtag subscription is displayed with the anonymous username.

To retrieve corresponding usernames for assets you collect in Chute, you should use the @Mention subscription feature. When you use @mention subscriptions or users @mention you in captions, the Facebook Graph API returns Instagram usernames for any retrieved (via @mention) media and its subscription.


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