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When you are working in Discover Streams, you might find assets that you want to use in your Workspace. These assets can be saved on your Boards.

If you want assets saved on your Boards to be moved to a certain album in your Workspace, then an album trigger is what you need. This article explains the functionality of the album trigger in Chute, its common usage, and how the triggers are created.



The album trigger allows you to automatically move or copy assets internally from one album to another.

Common use cases of an album trigger are:

  • Automatically move assets collected from Discover Streams to a Workflow Campaign through Boards. You may find yourself sifting through assets in Discover Streams and wishing to use those assets in your Workflow Campaigns. You would normally save the assets into your Boards and later on access them in your Workspace. An album trigger can be set up to avoid moving these assets manually and have them readily available for moderation and rights requests. 
  • Another common use of an album trigger is moving assets from one album to another that are from different Workflows. Moving or copying an asset is only possible within the same campaign and the same organization.

Creating Album Triggers

Album triggers are created from the backend by our support team. If you want to request for an album trigger, please contact us at or submit a ticket in the Ignite Support Portal

Kindly provide us the album ID or shortcode of the source and target albums. To retrieve the album ID or shortcode, please follow the steps in the article Getting the Album ID or Short Code for API Calls.

Also, please indicate if you want to copy or move the assets to the target album.

  • If the trigger is configured to copy the asset, then a copy of the asset will appear in the target album automatically while retaining a copy of it in the source album.
  • If the trigger is configured to move the asset, then the asset will be moved to the target album automatically without retaining a copy of it in the source album.
Note: When a trigger is created, the assets that are already in the source album will not be moved or copied to the target album. Only assets that are moved to the source album after the trigger was created will be moved or copied over to the target album.



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