Panel Types

This article provides insights about each Panel type available on all Channels.


Available Panel Types

A Brief Description

Provides company information on, among other topics, the number of employees, financials, and market growth.

Provides a list of the highest-ranked articles, this panel is ideal for quickly gathering only the most important and relevant information on your specific topic of interest.

Provides business-relevant tweets on interests including, among other topics, executive and analyst commentary, company shares, and product initiatives.

Provides heat maps visualizing “Business Influencers”, relevant companies currently trending, and “Market Drivers”, relevant industry topics currently trending.

Provides key developments on, among other topics, customers wins, acquisitions, and new facilities.

Provides key management changes at the executive level including, among other topics, new hires, departures, internal moves, and board changes.

Provides a graph measuring web volume of significant events over the past six months with events including key news events and management changes.

Provides a breakdown of recent developments and triggers with high potential impacts on your accounts.

Provides trending subjects on, among other topics, companies, market drivers, and trending topics.

Provides business-relevant commentary that can be filtered by commentary, tweets, quotes by company, or quotes about company.

Provides a detailed business ecosystem of your account covering a list of top product lines, challengers, subsidiaries, etc.

Lists top competitors, which can be filtered by product line.

Provides a summary view of the latest updates since your last login including, among other topics, ranked articles, sales triggers, management changes, and recent developments.

Provides ranked triggers discovered within the last 24 hours.



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