Creating a Rights Request Template


This article provides instructions for creating a Rights Request template in Chute.



When requesting Rights in Chute, it is recommended to create variations of the messages to avoid being flagged as spam. Chute provides you with an effective solution through the Rights Request templates

Rights Request Templates allow you to customize messages when engaging your fans and customers. This means that you do not have to type your messages each time you send a Rights request.

Once the Rights Template Group is created, you may start creating your Rights Request Templates.




To create a Rights Request Template:

  1. Log in to Chute and click Rights. 


    Alternatively, you can also access the Rights Templates feature in the Workspace by going to the Settings tab, then clicking the Rights Templates on the left panel.


  2. Click the Select a Rights Template Group drop-down menu, then select the Template group you wish to use by clicking it.


  3. From the selected template group's drop-down menu, select the New Template option.


  4. Enter the Template Name, Comment, and Approval Code you wish to use for this template, then click SAVE.


    This action will create the Rights Request Template. Once the Rights Request Template is created, you may start using it when requesting Rights in your Workspace.

    Note: You may also include a hyperlink to your terms and conditions along with your message in the Comment box.


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The Rights Request Template you created will show when you click the Select a Rights Template Group drop-down menu.




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