Creating a Wall Display


The Wall Display is a type of Web Display that allows multiple contents to be shown on a page in a mural-type show.

This article contains the following:

  • Instructions on how to create and configure a Wall Display.
  • Information about Web Displays.
  • Some facts about Wall Displays.




  • Web Displays are commonly used to promote your business by embedding the Display into your websites through an Embed Code script. The Wall Display is one of these types.
  • Web Displays can also be published as a standalone page.
  • The Wall Display features a Wall Options setting, where either masonry or infinite scroll type can show the images; this can both be activated at the same time.
  • Infinite scrolling is a design technique in which the content continues to populate at the bottom of the screen as the user scrolls down the page.
  • Masonry, on the other hand, is a layout model that works by placing the images in an optimal position by using the available spaces. It is more like a mason fitting stones in a wall.
  • It also has tile settings that let you configure to show the avatar, the username (@username), the caption, the time of the social media post, and voting.




  1. Log in to Chute.
  2. Go to the relevant campaign.
  3. In the Workspace, click on Displays.

  4. Click on the +New Display button.

  5. Type a Name for your Display.

  6. Select the Album your media would be coming from. This can be any Album within your campaign.

  7. From the Display Type drop-down, choose Wall.

  8. Click on the Create button to create the Display.

  9. Once the Display is created, continue to edit and configure your desired settings from the configuration menu on the right panel of the Display.
    • Album Selector: Allows you to change the feeder album.
    • Album Options: Allows you to select the sorting type (newest first, highest rated, etc.) and set the number of photos to be shown per page.
    • Wall Options: Allows you to enable or disable masonry and infinite scroll design and the layout. (See the Information section for descriptions).
    • Tile Settings: Allows you to show the avatar, the username (@username), the caption, the time of the social media post, and voting. You can also set the width, the margin, and the padding of the layout. The Lightbox Setting can be found within the Tile Settings
    • Sharing Options: Allows you to set the sharing setup for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

  10. Click on Save, and the Display is ready to use.




Additional Information

To get the Embed Code script or standalone page URL, click on the Get Embed Codes button next to the Save button. Copy the information from the window that pops-up.

You can use the Embed Code script or the Standalone Page URL as desired. The Embed Code script can be embedded in your website. If you wish to publish the Display as it is, then you can use the Standalone Page URL.

The Standalone Page URL can be accessed using any browser. You can paste it on the address bar, and the Display shows up instantly.






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