Deleting, Editing, and Moving an Album


This article provides instructions for deleting, editing, and moving an album in Chute.



In Chute, you can make changes to the album’s name, move it to a different parent album within the Library, or get rid of it.



To delete, edit, or move an album, please follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to Chute, access the campaign, and then click Library.


  2. Select the album that you want to delete, edit, or move by clicking it and then click the gear icon next to the album name, as shown in the image below.

  3. From the drop-down list, select Edit, Move, or Delete based on your requirement and proceed as explained below:

    • Edit Album: Choose this if you want to change the name or title and description of the album. Make the changes and click the Save button.


    • Move Album: Choose this if you want to move the album’s location (e.g., moving it to another parent album).
      To move an album, put a
      checkmark next to the album name and click Submit
      To select another album within it, click the plus (+) sign to expand the album and navigate.


    • Delete Album: Choose this if you want to get rid of an album. Click Okay to confirm the deletion.


      Note: A deleted Album cannot be restored. If an Album has been deleted, all its assets including the ones in the subfolders will be removed.


Helpful Tip:
  • If you receive the following message while deleting an album, this means that you are deleting a step in your Workflow such as the Auto Filter, Sorter, or Moderation steps.
    These steps need to be deleted in the Workflow itself if you want to get rid of them. 


  • Please keep in mind that when you delete a step in your Workflow, it deletes everything after it.


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Please see the validation step for each action below:

  • Edit Album: You should see the new name or title showing in the list of albums.

  • Move Album: You should see the album moved to its new location or to a parent album when you navigate through the list of albums in the Library.

  • Delete Album: The deleted album will no longer appear in the list of albums in the Library.

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