Home Tab of the Chute Workspace


Accessing campaigns in Chute workspaces opens the Home tab. This article provides information about the features, options, and recent changes related to this Home tab.



The Home tab used to display headlines on what is happening in your campaign by showing the number of assets coming in via hashtag, the number of impressions on your Chute-powered display, top clicked media, and most influential users, as shown in the image below.


However, this feature has changed due to the Instagram API deprecation that occurred on Dec 11th, 2018. Instagram has made changes to its API and removed access to certain information across its platform to create a more secure environment for its users.

As a result, the information described above is no longer available in the Home tab. Currently, when you go to the Home tab, you will see either of the following:

  • Action Required - Install Plugin 
    The Chute browser plugin enables you to efficiently post a Chute Rights message directly through the Instagram website. If the software has detected that you do not have the Chute Plugin installed, it will prompt you to install it.


  • Getting Started
    If you have the Chute browser plugin already installed, the 'Getting Started' window will appear and instruct you to head over to the Manage tab to create a 'Chute' or otherwise known as the 'Workflow'. 'Chute' is the old name of the Workflow.

    Note: A Chute Workflow is a set of rules created to import contents from social media sites with certain hashtags or conditions.

    From this screen, you can also click the Open Knowledge Base button to head over to the Workspace knowledge base section of Chute.




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