Subscriptions in Chute


This article explains what Chute workflow subscription is and provides other related information that you need to know about it.



A subscription is a type of workflow input that allows you to set up a time-based campaign to pull assets using the following three different methods:

The following are the components of a subscription:

Component Description
Subscription Name and description  A name for your subscription and a short description of the purpose (both are optional).
Start Date  Start date is irrelevant unless you are starting in the future (no retroactive content is retrieved, so an early start date does nothing).
End Date  End date is important as it dictates when the workflow will stop pulling assets. So make sure to set this far enough that it spans the whole campaign.
Instagram @Mentions  Import content where your account username has been mentioned using @mention.
Instagram Hashtags  Import content from Instagram using hashtags.
Twitter Hashtags or Users  Import content from Twitter using hashtags or users. The user tracks usernames you enter, but it does not track @mentions.


The below image shows the creation of a subscription and its components.



  • The Instagram hashtag search now indicates how many hashtags are available out of the 30 hashtags that can be searched in one particular subscription. Due to the Instagram API change (Decemeber 2018), there is now a limit of adding 30 hashtags per Facebook business page.
  • Chute does not import content from the past. It only imports content from when you start tracking until your end date.


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