Instagram @Mention Subscription


This article explains how Instagram @mention subscription works.



What is @mention?

An Instagram @mention is a direct callout from one user to another on an Instagram post in the caption. It prompts a notification to the user that was mentioned.

To learn more about @mention, please visit this Instagram Help article.

What is Chute doing with @mention?

When an Instagram user @mention's your brand username, it generally means they want to engage with you. To increase positive conversations and engagement, encourage your followers to start mentioning your username. Include this info in your Instagram bio and marketing materials.

The advantage of using @mention subscriptions and encouraging Instagram users to use @mention for you in captions is, unlike hashtag subscriptions, Facebook returns the Instagram username for any media retrieved via @mention and its subscription.

To easily keep track of these engagements, you can set up an @mention specific workflow in Chute that will import every asset that includes your username in the post caption. You can directly respond to them using the Rights Request step in your workflow.


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