Workflow Not Pulling New Content


Once a Workflow is configured and activated, it starts pulling in content based on your subscription.
However, there may be cases where a Workflow may stop pulling in new assets or pull only a few assets. This article provides information on how to resolve such issues. 


Here are the most common reasons why a Workflow may stop pulling in new content:

  • The subscription has reached its end date.
  • The subscription end date was not specified (left blank).
  • The Workflow is damaged.
  • There is an ongoing system outage.
If you are a Chute support agent, please check the Agent Guide version of this article.


Before troubleshooting this issue, it is important to check if the same problem is present for other Workflows or Campaigns. This can help us determine if the problem is caused by our server. If the issue is present for other Workflows, we still recommend you to follow the troubleshooting steps below. If you reach a point where you need to submit a request to the Support team, please let us know if the issue is present for multiple Workflows.

A. Checking the Subscription End Date

First of all, you need to check the subscription end date because this is the most common reason why a Workflow stops pulling new content. If you open the Workspace, you will notice a red Input (see screenshot below) next to the Workflow, which indicates that the Subscription has reached its end date.


If this is the case, please follow the steps below to fix the end date:

  1. In the Manage tab, open the affected Workflow.


  2. Click on the Edit Chute button in the upper-right corner of the screen.


  3. Adjust the End date of the subscription. If the End date is blank, make sure to enter a date.


  4. Click Save in the Subscription window.
  5. Click on the Save button in the upper-right corner to save the Workflow.


If the End date is still valid, you can consider creating a test Workflow to isolate the issue.


B. Creating a Test Workflow

Creating a test Workflow using common and popular hashtags (e.g., #love, #fashion, #happy, #beach, etc.) may help isolate the issue. The logic is that, if Chute is working properly, the test Workflow should be able to pull assets from these hashtags in a short period of time. Therefore, if the test Workflow also does not work (either not pulling any content or only pulls a few assets), we can assume that it could be a system issue that also impacts other users.

  1. Create a Workflow by mirroring the affected Workflow structure - you have to copy the steps and logic of the affected Workflow into the new Workflow (except for the hashtags). If you need instructions to create a Workflow, please see the article Creating a Workflow
  2. Use common and popular hashtags (e.g., #love, #fashion, #happy, #beach, etc.) for the new Workflow. This action will only allow you to check if Chute is able to pull assets using different hashtags.
    Note: Use only 1 or 2 of the sample hashtags not to deplete the hashtag allocation.
  3. Leave the Workflow for 30 minutes.
    These are popular hashtags, so it should not take long to pull any content. Sometimes, you can pull hundreds of assets or even more using any of these four sample hashtags.
  4. After 30 min, check the results:
    • If the test Workflow is successful, this means that the Workflow in question may have been corrupted. The next step is to add the hashtags that you are using in the affected Workflow. To do this, please proceed to Step C.
    • If the test Workflow is unsuccessful, it could be a system issue. Please contact us at or click on the SUBMIT A REQUEST button at the top of this page.

C. Adding the Desired Hashtags to the Newly Created Workflow

The following steps should be performed only if the process described in Step B is successful.

  1. Edit the subscription in the Workflow that you created in Step B. To edit the Workflow, please refer to the Creating and Editing a Workflow article.
  2. Remove the sample hashtags that you used for testing the Workflow.
  3. Enter the hashtags from the affected Workflow (damaged Workflow). 
  4. Leave the Workflow for 12 to 24 hours.
    Note: The wait time is dependent on how popular the selected hashtags are. If you need more time to observe, you may want to wait for 48 hours.
  5. Check the results:
    • If the Workflow was able to pull the desired assets, we can safely assume that the old Workflow is corrupted. You may discard that Workflow.
    • If the problem persists, it could be a system issue. Please contact us at or click on the SUBMIT A REQUEST button at the top of this page.

Additional Information

  • If you have concerns about assets that you have collected in your existing Workflow, you can move the assets from one album to another.
  • When you recreate a Workflow, you can also re-purpose albums from an old Workflow and use them in your newly created Workflow. No need to recreate the albums unless you want everything brand new.


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