Displays With E-Commerce Capability


Looking for an easy way to create a 'Shop the Product' experience using the great, authentic content that you have cleared rights to via Chute? Well, you are in luck! The Carousel 2.0, Squares, and Matrix Displays are available with e-commerce integration options.

This article provides information about integrating your e-commerce with Chute displays by answering the following questions:



Prior to creating the displays, make sure you have met the pre-conditions:

  • E-commerce functionality is enabled in your campaign.
  • You have added products to your product catalog.
  • You have tagged your assets in your display album with the product(s).


How would I know if e-commerce is enabled in my campaign?

The e-commerce feature is activated on demand by the Central Support team. If e-commerce is enabled, you will see the Products tab activated in your Campaign. Otherwise, contact the support team to have this feature enabled.


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How do I enable e-commerce on displays?

Follow these steps to enable:

  1. Go to your campaign and click the Displays tab.


  2. Access the display you want to configure from the list of displays.


  3. In the configuration section (right-hand panel), click Lightbox.


  4. Click E-commerce.


  5. Under the E-commerce option, check Enable to activate it.
  6. Type the label for your product. 


Note: You may also have the option to "Show Price" under 'Options'. The steps are the same for Carousel 2.0, Squares, and Matrix Displays.

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How does e-commerce works?

When a user clicks on an asset or image in your display, a lightbox pops, and the user automatically sees the tagged product(s) labeled as "Shop the Product", as seen in the image below.


If you tagged a photo with more than one product, they would all show in the lightbox (as shown in the image below). The products will also link to the URL set in the product catalog, which takes the user to the site where they can make the purchase.



Additional Information

If you plan to use the carousel on a product detail page, you can choose the product SKU for pulling images into the carousel​ by adding the SKU in the 'Product SKU' field. 

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How can you benefit from this option?

This eliminates the need to create multiple albums and carousels to pull in specific products for each display.

You can now create one carousel and simply change the product SKU in this field to generate a new embed code that pulls in the relevant assets and associated products. Alternatively, you can also generate one embed code and have your development team dynamically pass in the SKU variable on the load of the PDP page to pull the relevant assets and associated products into the carousel.

Either way, we think this will save you a lot of time and energy!

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