Installing Chute Browser Plugin


The Chute browser plugin is a tool that adds more flexibility to sending Rights messages. This browser plugin enables you to efficiently post a Chute Rights message directly through the Instagram website. Anyone who has a Chute account can use this plugin.


Currently, the Chute Rights plugin is available only for Google Chrome and Safari. Additional browser support will be available in the future.

To use the Chute plugin, you must be signed into the linked Instagram account.

Safari version 12 no longer supports the Chute plugin because Apple has removed the support for developer signed extensions completely. Our engineers are working on getting the Chute plugin added to the Safari Extensions Gallery. Meanwhile, please use the plugin for Chrome until we get this issue resolved.

The Chute plugin still works for Safari 11 and lower versions.



  1. Download and install the Chute Rights plugin for Chrome or Safari.
  2. Log in to the Chute plugin using your Chute account credentials.


  3. Open the Chute portal and verify that your Instagram account is linked under your Workspace Settings.
  4. Verify that your Chute plugin is set up properly: click on the plugin icon and confirm that all your organizations are listed in the plugin menu.



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