Finding the Embed Codes and Standalone URL for Chute Displays


Display allows you to show your content on a web page in a variety of layouts. Displays can be embedded into a web page using the embed code or can be accessed as a standalone page using a URL.

This article describes how to find the embed code and the standalone page URL for Chute Displays.




You may use the embed code script or the standalone page URL as desired. The embed code script can be embedded in your website, or if you wish to publish the Display as it is, then you can use the standalone page URL.

The standalone page URL can be accessed using any browser. You can paste it on the address bar, and the Display shows up instantly.




  1. Log in to Chute.
  2. Go to the relevant campaign and click on the Displays tab.

  3. On the Displays screen, click on the relevant Display on the left panel to open it.

  4. On the upper-right corner of the Display, click on the Get Embed Codes button next to the Save button.

  5. The pop-up window shows the Embed Code script and the Standalone Page URL. Copy the information and save it somewhere as desired.

  6. Click on the Close button when done.



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