Adding or Removing Product Tags in Chute


Tagging assets to a product inside Chute allows you to use those assets to promote your products online. Visitors on your page will have the opportunity to click on a link that will take them to the actual product page for purchasing. Tagging also allows you to put a hashtag on images, making them easier to search. For example, the tag '#beach' may be added to all images that display a beach, allowing them to be grouped and searched later on.

This article provides the steps to add or remove tags in Chute.



Before you can use the Tag Product feature, the eCommerce feature must be enabled in your campaign. An indication that the eCommerce feature is enabled in your campaign is the Products tab showing on the top menu bar (refer to the screenshot below).


If the Products tab is not displayed on the top menu bar of your campaign, please contact support to have this enabled. You may click the Submit a Request button at the top of this page to contact our support team. In your request, please indicate the campaign name on which you want eCommerce to be enabled.



Adding a Product Tag

  1. Launch Chute Workspace and click the Manage tab on the top menu bar. 


  2. Open the Chute that you want to edit.

  3. Select the step in the Chute where you wish to tag a product. In the example below, the folder United States is selected. 


    Note: You can also go to the Library, select the Board or Album from where you want the desired assets to be product-tagged, then select the desired assets by clicking on the "+" sign.

    The images associated with the step you selected are displayed at the bottom of the Manage screen.

  4. Select the images you want to tag by clicking the plus (+) symbol located at the bottom right of the image and click the Tag Products button (refer to the screenshot below). 


  5. The Tag Products window opens. Search for the product you want to tag to the images and select it. 


  6. Click Save.

  7. When an asset is successfully tagged to a product, an orange bar appears on the asset thumbnail. Hover over the orange bar to see the product tag name, as seen in the screenshot below: 



Removing a Product Tag

There are two ways to remove a product tag:


Hover over an Asset and Remove

  1. Hover over an asset's thumbnail.

  2. Click the 'x' next to the product tag name to remove the tag.



Manually Select Assets and Remove

  1. Select an asset by clicking on the plus (+) button (or select multiple assets to untag by batch).

  2. Click on the Tag Products button to reveal the product tagging modal. 


  3. Click on 'x' next to the product tag name to remove the tag from the selected asset(s).


  4. Click Save.


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