Sorting Contents In Your Display


There are a few options for you to sort the content in your Chute Display. This article explains what those options are and where to find them in Chute.



Some Display types give you the option to sort contents or assets within it. Live Display types such as Big Splash, Live, Photo Stack, and Triptych do not support any sorting capability. Sorting options are mostly available to certain Web Displays such as Carousel 2, Wall, Matrix, Slideshow, and Squares.

Where Can I Sort the Contents?

The option to sort contents in your Display can be found in the panel to the right, under the Album OptionsWhen you go into Displays, go to Album Options; the sorting options will be displayed.



What Are the Sorting Options?

Note: The sorting options may differ depending on the Display type. The information below serves as your guide when selecting an option.

Most Recent First

This option displays the content based on the most recently uploaded or added assets to the album (available for Carousel 2, Matrix, and Squares). 



If this option is selected, Chute will display the album contents in a randomized order (available for Carousel 2, Matrix, and Squares).


Newest First

This option is similar to the 'Most recent first' option. It displays the content based on the newest assets added to the album (available for Slideshow and Wall). 


Highest Rated

If you have voting enabled, you can choose to sort the contents by Highest Rated. This will bring up the highest-rated photos or videos first (available for Slideshow and Wall). 



This option displays content based on popularity. It displays assets with the most popular hashtags first (available for Wall).



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