Creating an Album in Chute


This article provides the instructions for creating new albums in Chute.



There are two ways to create albums in Chute. First is when you build a Workflow which will create albums for each step of the Workflow. The second is manually adding a new album in the Library.

Important! One thing to keep in mind when creating an album is the naming convention. It is highly recommended that you use a unique name for each of the albums you create either manually or as part of a Workflow step. This practice will avoid any inconvenience while searching for an album, especially if you are managing multiple Workflows in a single campaign.


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Album Creation Through Workflow Steps

If you add a step to create an Album in your Workflow, you will be prompted to either choose an existing album or create a new album which is similar to going to the Library and manually creating an album.


Note: Choosing an existing album does not change its parent-child structure in the Library. This means that the album structure will always remain the same as it was initially created unless you move the location manually.


Manually Creating an Album in Chute
  1. Log in to Chute and access the relevant campaign

  2. Click the Library tab.


  3. Click the +New Album button to create a new album.


    To create a child album under a parent album, first, open an existing album (parent album) then click the  +New Album button, you will notice that Child word is mentioned in this case, as shown in the image below.


  4. Enter an album name or title then click the Create button.



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You should be able to see the album you created on the list of albums in the Library.



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