Embed Chute Images Using HTML


If you are working with email and wish to embed Chute content into your messages this can be done by embedding your images using HTML. Below are steps to organize your images, export their direct URLs and the HTML needed to embed them into email messages. 


Organize the Images You Want to Embed

To make finding the direct URLs easier we recommend organizing your images into a separate album containing only the images you wish to embed. This can be within the Library, selecting your desired images and either "moving" or "copying" these images to your new album. You may want to copy the images if you use these images in displays on your website. 

Export Album Data to Retrieve Direct Image URLs

Once you have your album set up to only have the images you wish to embed you will create a spreadsheet of all of their direct URLs. To do this you want to export your album data by following the steps below. 

1. Open your Album in Library. 

2. Click on your Album Settings then select "Export Album Data." 


Email-embed2.png3. An email will be sent to the account you signed in with containing a CSV file attachment. Open this attachment. 

4. Use the "URL" column in the spreadsheet to gather the direct URLs to your images. If you're unsure of which image is which, you can paste the URL into your browser to preview the image. You can also reference the caption or tags to determine the image as well. 


Create Embed Code Using your Direct Links 

Once you have your direct links you can paste them into the following code to create an embeddable image. You will want to paste 1 direct link to an image at a time after the src=" portion of this code.

<img src="SOURCE_HERE"/> 

An example of a complete embed code would look like the following:

<img src="https://support.ignitetech.com/hc/article_attachments/360012673754/4EuugRsaqb"/> 

This code can be copied and pasted into the HTML view of an email to embed the image that is referenced in the embed code.



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