Instagram API Changes Related to the Chute Workspace

The table below provides a list of features in the Chute Workspace that have been updated or disabled as a result of the changes to the Instagram API in December 2018.


Feature Change
Posting Comments to Instagram The ability to post comments to Instagram through third-party applications has been removed. There is an exception to this change - users can @mention a brand's username in either their caption or comments.
Adding 'Likes' to Posts Content can no longer be 'liked' through third-party applications (i.e., in a workflow step, in the library, or from the lightbox).
Importing Content from a User Importing content from a specific username is no longer available in Workflow subscriptions. Usernames are no longer searchable in the Search tab or within Pages.
Importing Comments Comments on a post can no longer be imported. This affects the lightbox and Displays.
Importing User Information The ability to import any user information, including a user's real name, has been removed. This affects the lightbox and Displays.
Social Reach Reports

As public content for specific user accounts (i.e., Following and Followers count, Followers list) cannot be imported anymore, Social Reach Reports are disabled. Reports generated before the API changes are still viewable; however, new reports cannot be generated.

Tracking Hashtags

A maximum of 30 hashtags can be added per business Instagram account. You can use more than one Instagram account to track more hashtags.

Workspace Search This feature is deprecated as of December 11th, 2018.


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