Missing Assets in a Chute Workflow


At times, you may notice that some Assets are missing from your Chute Workflow. This article provides detailed information on why an Asset could go missing and how to address the Asset count mismatch in the album.




  • In Chute, all the collected media (images, videos, etc.) are called Assets. These Assets are gathered from different input types, as described in the Chute Workflow Guide article.
  • The most common input type used is the Subscription. A Subscription allows you to set up a time-based campaign to pull the Assets using the following three methods:
  • In most cases, Assets collected via Subscriptions are the ones prone to go missing in the Workflow. Here are some of the reasons:
    • The user who posted the image you are looking for may have changed their Instagram account to private.
    • The Asset you are looking for was deleted by the person who posted it.

      When these conditions are met, you will no longer be able to retrieve those Assets again because they were either deleted by the owner or were made private and no longer intended for sharing. It is worth noting that we also do not have a way to determine if these Assets were deleted or made private by the users or owners.
  • Another possible reason why an Asset could go missing is that Instagram may occasionally change the URL for images. If this happens, Chute requires some time to look for the updated URL. 
  • In whichever case or reason, you may see a discrepancy between the count of Assets appearing in an album and the actual number of Assets within it.
  • In the image below, you can see that the number of Assets shows fifteen (15), but if you count the actual Assets (images), there are only eight (8) in the album.

  • When you see a mismatch on the Asset count versus the actual number of Assets in the album, a quick troubleshooting step to fix it is to perform a hard refresh on your browser.
    1. While inside the album, press CTRL + F5 on the keyboard to refresh the page.
    2. Wait for at least 24 hours and check again.
  • If you still see a mismatch on the Asset count within an album after 24 hours, please contact our Support team so we can reset the album count in the backend.

    NOTE: This procedure does not bring the missing Assets back, but it corrects the Asset count mismatch caused due to the missing Assets.

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