Adding Products in the Products Tab


From the Products tab, you can manage the list of product tags available within Chute. This allows you to create clickable Calls To Action on the lightbox view of Assets within the Matrix and Carousel display gallery types. Products can be manually created/added or imported.

This article explains how to add the products in the Products tab manually.




  • Before you can use the Tag Product feature, the eCommerce feature should be enabled in your Campaign.
  • If the Products tab shows on the top menu bar, it indicates that the eCommerce feature is enabled in your Campaign.

  • If the Products tab is not displayed on the top menu bar of your Campaign, please contact the support team to have this enabled.
  • You may click on the SUBMIT A REQUEST button at the top of this page to contact our support team.

  • In your request, please indicate the Campaign name to which you want eCommerce to be enabled.




As mentioned, there are two ways to add products to your eCommerce Campaign:

Manually Adding the Products

  1. In your Campaign, click on the Products tab.

  2. Click on the Add Product button.

  3. On the Create New Product window, enter the necessary information:
    • Add a photo of the product.
    • Mention the Name of the product.
    • SKU (unique identifier)
    • Product URL (the link that takes the user to the actual product page for purchasing)
    • Optional fields: Category and Tags

  4. Click on Create to add the product to your list.

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Importing Multiple Products

  1. While on the Product section, click on the Import button.

  2. Click on the Choose File button and go to the directory where your file is saved.


    NOTE: Check the sample CSV template by clicking the link on the window. Use this template to create your CSV file.
  3. Select the file you want to upload and click on the Upload file button.
    • A message at the lower right corner appears stating that your file will be processed:

      Your file is gonna be processed and we will send the result to your email.

  4. Check your mailbox. Once you receive an email from Chute stating, 'The products were imported successfully', it means that the process has been completed.
  5. Refresh the Chute page to see the list of products.

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Once you have successfully added or uploaded a product, you will see it on the list of products.



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