Embedding Media Chooser on a Web Page


Media Chooser is a Chute tool that allows users to upload media from their hard drive, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Skydrive, and YouTube. Customers typically use this tool for contests and sweepstakes, asking users to upload media by embedding the Media Chooser tool onto their web site pages.

This article provides users with guidance on how to embed Media Chooser on a web page. When embedded, Media Chooser appears similar to the image below, which displays the Media Picker tool that allows users to select the source for their media upload.




Before You Begin

Before you can use the Media Chooser tool, you need to create a Workflow for it. To learn how to set up a Media Chooser Workflow, please review the Setting Up a Media Chooser article.

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Embedding Process

Follow the steps detailed below to embed Media Chooser onto your website:

  1. Log in to Chute.
  2. Select the appropriate Campaign under the Workspace column.




  3. Click the Workflow that corresponds to the Media Chooser from your Campaign. Reminder: Before you can use the Media Chooser tool, you need to create a Workflow for it.




  4. Click the input (beginning of the Workflow), which says Media Chooser.




  5. Copy the script from Media Chooser Embed Script.




  6. Use the code to embed it on a web page.




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Here's the outcome of the embedded script. Users would need to click on the Add Photos button to upload a media.



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Media Chooser - Overview and Function: This article provides a high-level overview of Media Chooser, including requirements, features, and functions.

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