Adding Images Using HTML or JavaScript Code on Chute Pages



Embedding content in Pages is a great way to incorporate content from 3rd party websites. You can embed forms, videos, and comments from approved sources directly into your page.

This article describes the process of embedding images or media using HTML or JavaScript codes on Chute Pages.




  1. Log in to Chute and access the relevant campaign.

  2. Click the Pages tab.


  3. Select the page you want to update.

  4. On the Assets tab, click the tag icon (</>). 


  5. Drag and drop the Embed Module button to the page you are editing.


  6. plain text editor pops up where you can paste the embed HTML code or JavaScript code provided by the 3rd party website.


  7. Click Save to apply the changes.


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You can preview the changes made on the page by selecting Preview from the dropdown menu, as shown in the image below:



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Additional Information


  • The embedded content is not visible in the edit mode. You may use the Standalone Page link to see how your script will render. For further details, please refer to Publishing a Page.
  • There are no size requirements or limitations for the embedded content on a page.
  • While there are no limits on how many items you can embed, performance may slow down if there are many embedded items.
  • The script will be responsive for mobile environments.
  • Adding embedded content from unapproved websites may result in the following error, as shown below:
    The URL provided is either invalid or not part of our whitelist
  • Embedded content must come from the following approved sites:
    • Google - Forms, Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Drawings, Slides
    • Facebook - Page Comments
    • Pardot - Lead gen forms
    • HubSpot - Lead gen forms
    • Marketo - Lead gen forms
    • Typeform - Forms, polls, quizzes
    • YouTube - Video player
    • Vimeo - Video player
    • SurveyMonkey - Forms, polls, surveys, and quizzes


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