Creating and Editing a Workflow


This article provides instructions for creating and editing a new Workflow in Chute.



Chute Workflows are fully customizable. You may build a flow that suits your need depending on the type of campaign or content you are looking to pull in. 



Creating a Chute Workflow
  1. Log in to Chute and access the campaign you wish to use. 

  2. To create a new workflow, click the Manage tab.


  3. Click the +Create New Chute button on the top right.


  4. Enter a Chute Name for your Workflow, then click the Create button.


  5. Select the input or source of your incoming media, then click the Add Step button. 
  6. Now fill out the Subscription screen with the required information and click the Save button.


  7. Complete the Workflow by following the Workflow guide.

  8. Once you have completed all the steps required for your Workflow, click the Save button to save it.
Note: While going through the process of building the Workflow, any step that must be completed is shown with a Question Mark (?).

Below is a sample screenshot of a typical Chute workflow:



Editing a Chute Workflow

If you wish to make changes to your existing Workflow such as deleting or adding a step, specifying filters, etc., then follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Manage and click the Edit Chute button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen for your Workflow.


  2. Make the necessary changes and click the Save button.
Remember: When you delete a step in your Workflow, it deletes everything after it.

Watch this video if you want to see how a Workflow is being created in Chute.

Helpful Tip: A common issue that you might encounter is that the Workflow has stopped pulling in new contents. The most common reason for this issue is that the subscription has reached the end date. Therefore, check the subscription end date and adjust it accordingly.

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The Workflow will start pulling in contents based on your input. Assets will start populating in the Moderation step or whatever step you specified after Subscription and Auto Filter. The number that you see in the Moderation step corresponds to the number of assets collected and are currently stored within it.


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