Albums in Chute


This article provides information on Albums and how they function in Chute.



What Are Albums?

All storage containers within Chute are albums. Depending upon the configuration and setup, the role of these storage containers changes, but the idea or concept remains the same.

How Are Assets and Albums Organized in Chute?

Albums allow you to organize your content in a way that makes sense to your organization’s need. When you create a new Workflow in the Manage tab, it creates an album for each step in the Workflow. The first step being created as the parent album, and all subsequent steps as child albums.

To explain this further, let’s take a look at the sample Workflow shown in the image below. In this Workflow, the Auto Filter for Persian Cats step acts as your parent album, while the Moderation and Rejected Assets album are its child albums. Additionally, the Moderation step in this flow is the parent album of the Sorter and Moderation Archive albums and so on.


When you go into the Library, you will notice that the parent album, which in this case is Auto Filter for Persian Cats is displayed on the initial tab.


If you click to open the parent album, the child albums are displayed, which in this case are the Moderation and the Rejected Assets albums. If you open these albums further, the albums that follow them in the flow will be displayed accordingly. 


To know how albums are created in Chute, please see Creating an Album in Chute article.

Helpful Tip: A common issue that you might encounter is that the asset count in albums is not matching the actual number of assets inside it. Please visit this Asset Count Is Not Matching to learn how to troubleshoot this issue.


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