Creating a Slideshow Display


As the name implies, the Slideshow Display type shows assets from social media in a slideshow (one image at a time, which changes according to the configured time intervals).

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  • Web Displays can be used to promote your business by embedding a Display into your website through an Embed Code script. The Slideshow Display is one of the Display types.
  • Web Displays can also be published as a standalone page.
  • Slideshow Displays have a sorting option that allows you to choose between the Newest First and Highest-Rated options.
  • A navigation control can be enabled, allowing you to move manually between the images.


  1. Log in to Chute.
  2. Go to the relevant campaign.
  3. In the Workspace, click on Displays.


  4. Click on the +New Display button.


  5. Enter a Name for your Display.


  6. Select the source Album for your media. This can be any Album within your campaign.


  7. From the Display Type drop-down, select Slideshow.


  8. Click on the Create button to create the Display.


  9. Once the Display is created, configure the desired settings from the configuration menu on the right panel of the Display.
    • Album Selector: Allows you to change the feeder album.
    • Album Options: Allows you to select the sorting type (newest first, highest rated, etc.) and set the number of photos to be shown per page.
    • Slideshow Options: Allows you to enable or disable Navigation, Randomize slides, and Pause on hover options and set the animation speed.
    • Slide Settings: Allows you to show or hide the avatar, the username (@username), and the caption. You can also set the width, the margin, and the infobox color code.


  10. Click Save. The Display is ready to use.



Additional Information

To get the Embed Code script or Standalone Page URL, click on the Get Embed Codes button that is located next to the Save button. Copy the information from the pop-up window.

You can use the Embed Code script or the Standalone Page URL as desired. The Embed Code script can be embedded into your website. If you wish to publish the Display as it is, you can use the Standalone Page URL, which can be accessed by opening the link in any browser.





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