Correcting Blurry Images on Chute Displays


Displays use the pictures you've collected through Chute and stored in albums. Sometimes, images or pictures may appear blurry on your Display in Chute while comparing it to the original image from the source.

This article provides information on how to resolve blurry pictures or images on Chute Displays.



Chute generally scales up or scales down pictures or images used in Displays to fit its dimension settings.

Sometimes, you will notice that the same picture shown on the Display is blurry compared to the original picture you see on social media.



If the picture is too small or a square-type dimension rather than a rectangular-type and got resized or stretched to fit the Display dimension settings, then you will see a blurry image compared to its original look.



To resolve this issue, you can change some options in your Display settings such as:

  • Grid Packing (under Wall Options)
  • Width (under the Tile Settings)
  • Width (under the Size settings)

To change the Wall Options:

  1. Log in to Chute and access the relevant campaign.

  2. Click the Displays tab.


  3. Select the Display you want to edit or configure from the list of Displays.


  4. Click the settings you want to edit.


    NOTE: The screenshot above is for a Matrix display. The settings options changes depending on the Display type. You would want to navigate in the wall options, size settings, and tile settings configuration to make the changes.

  5. Click the Save button to save the changes.




You will now see the changes in the display dimension or style.



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