FirstRain Glossary


Term Definition
Broader Results A version of the Stream view including insights indirectly related to the Channel or searched subject.
Channels Sets of analytics, insights, and content relevant to a specific focus.
Combined Channel Emails A consolidated newsletter format that includes updates on multiple channels, based on your choice of channel combinations.
Deal Accelerators Specific developments potentially creating an opportunity in an ongoing deal.
Deal Threats Specific developments potentially creating a risk to an ongoing deal.
FirstReads Panel A list of the highest-ranked articles.
FirstTweets Panel Business-relevant tweets on interests including, among others, executive and analyst commentary, company shares, and product initiatives.
Focused Results A version of the Stream view containing only the most specific and relevant results.
Good to Know Crucial facts and upcoming events that are potentially critical to an ongoing deal.
Panels Reside in Channels to visually separate and summarize specific categories of content, insights, and analytics related to the Channel’s focus.
Pinned Accounts Accounts marked as a ‘favorite’ in FirstRain for Salesforce.
Reasons to Check-In New or upselling opportunities for sales representatives to consider within their target accounts.
Spiking Topics Panel Trending subjects on, among others, companies, market drivers, and trending topics.
Stream A Channel or search results view with insights listed by date and relevancy to the Channel or searched subject.
Summary A Channel view that uses Panels, categorization, and customization.
QuickViews Saved sets of filters showing the intersection of multiple, specific topics.



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