Searching for Company Information


You may want to review detailed information about a specific company: an overview of the company, its lines of business, headquarter location, etc.



  1. From the FirstRain app, click on the Search button.


  2. Enter the name of the company in the search bar and select the desired organization from the dropdown.


  3. Select the Company Profile view.


    The page will contain the following sections:
    • News and Activity Timeline - Displays volume of news on the web and key events related to the company during the past six months.
    • Business Web Graph - Contains a list of the latest important documents related to the searched company.
    • Management Changes - Key personnel changes for the searched company.
    • Spiking Topics - Presents trends surrounding the company during a specific timeframe in a bubble chart format.
    • Key Developments related to the searched company.
    • Social Commentary - Quotes & commentary related to your searched company.
    • FirstTweets - Latest tweets related to the company.
    • Influencers & Market Drivers - Includes trending companies and topics impacting the company.
    • Company Facts - Includes company description, its location, information about the board of directors, officers, and executives.





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