Approved Assets Are Going to the Failed Folder Instead of the Accepted Folder


You may notice some assets for which you made an offer to secure rights (and that have been approved by the end-user) are going into the ‘Failed’ folder instead of the ‘Accepted’ folder.

This article provides information on how to resolve the issue about approved assets going to the failed folder in the Request Rights step of the Chute Workflow.


Root Cause

This issue is normally caused by a broken link due to a password change of the social media account used for requesting rights, which breaks the link and causes the API to fail. Thus, even if the end-users approve the assets, they will either remain in the 'Waiting' folder or go to the ‘Failed’ folder after thirty days.

Note: You may request the support team to manually move an asset from the 'Waiting' or 'Failed' folder to the 'Accepted' folder if the user has approved it. 



To resolve this issue, unlink the social media account used for requesting rights and re-link it. Follow these steps to unlink the social media account:

  1. Log in to Chute and access the relevant campaign.


  2. Click the Settings tab.

  3. Click Shared Accounts on the left panel.


    Note: The Shared Accounts section in Chute provides a list of all accounts that are associated with the selected campaign.

  4. Click the Unlink button for the linked account that you want to remove.


    Note: The account should no longer be visible in the Linked Accounts section once unlinked. You may re-link it again.

  5. Click the Link Account button.


  6. Select the social media account you want to link by clicking it, e.g., Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.


    Note: If you have logged in to your social media account on the same computer, Chute will automatically recognize the account for linking.

  7. Enter your username and Password on the authentication window and click Log in.


  8. Select the account you want to link and click Confirm.


    Note: If you receive a prompt (see the image below) to authorize access during the configuration process, click Authorize.


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Approved assets go to the 'Accepted' folder in the Request Rights step. 



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