Training Videos


FirstRain Training Videos provide details and easy steps to follow for executing the most common actions in FirstRain, they can be found as part of FirstRain Learning Center.



Accessing FirstRain
  • How to access the FirstRain site.
  • Accessing from FirstRain panel in Salesforce.
  • Accessing from email reports.
  • Accessing from your mobile device.
Getting Started
  • Setting up role and channels.
  • Defining the information that you will watch using FirstRain.
Creating Channels Create your channel, define companies and import them from Salesforce.
Accounts Channel

How to work with accounts channel information:

  • What’s New (summary of account changes).
  • Who To Call triggers.
  • Management Changes.
  • Key Developments.
  • FirstReads.
  • Influencers & Market Drivers.
  • Social Commentary.
  • Summary and Stream categorization.
  • Defining QuickView.
Single Accounts Focus How to define a Single Account Focus channel for reviewing only specific subsidiaries for a company.
Competitors Channel
  • How to define Competitors channel for reviewing information related to your company competitors.
  • Define filters based on business lines.
Creating Custom Channels
  • How to define your Custom channel based on topics and company lines of business.
  • Define filters based on business details, regions, content type and advanced information.
Ad Hoc Searches
  • How to use Ad Hoc Searches for any company or topics.
  • Define filters for latest results, review company profile and explore related companies and topics.
Email Settings
  • How to set up email reports based on updates from specific topics from panels.
  • Defining combined channels email updates.
FirstRain in Salesforce
  • Using FirstRain embedded in Salesforce.
  • How to access integrated information.
Using Filters
  • How to define filters, using topics and companies.
  • Saving filters and using them.
Meeting Briefs FirstRain can integrate with your calendar, in order to provide the latest valuable information before your meeting with customers.




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