FirstRain Training Videos


You may want to review videos on how to use FirstRain and its common features.


Name of the Video Covered Topics
Accessing FirstRain
  • How to access the FirstRain site.
  • Accessing FirstRain from the panel in Salesforce, from email reports, and from your mobile device.
Getting Started

How to set up your role and desired channel types.

Creating Channels How to create a channel and add desired companies.
Accounts Channel

Describes panels available in the Accounts channel:

  • What’s New
  • Who To Call
  • Management Changes
  • Key Developments
  • FirstReads
  • Influencers & Market Drivers
  • Social Commentary
Single Account Focus How to create a Single Account Focus channel that is used to follow specific subsidiaries of a company.
Competitors Channel

How to create a Competitors channel that is used to review information about your company's competitors.

Creating Custom Channel

How to create a Custom channel based on topics and lines of business and set up additional filters.

Ad Hoc Search

How to use Ad Hoc Search to find information about companies or topics.

Email Settings

How to configure daily emails for your channels.

FirstRain in Salesforce

How to use FirstRain when it is embedded into Salesforce.

Using Filters

How to apply additional filters to your channels.

Meeting Briefs How to integrate FirstRain with your calendar in order to get the latest information about your customers before a meeting.




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