Restarting the SLS/EDW Cluster


When the user needs to restart the SLS cluster, this might be needed for several reasons, such as:

  • Apply changes made
  • Troubleshooting steps


Cluster SLS version 5.0.1


  • You can log in to the Analyzer node, and once in there you can use the following command: 
    clsetup restart sensage 
    • This command restarts all Sensage component, not just the SLS/EDW.
  • You can also do it from the SLS head node, with the following command: 
    clssh --sls-instance=<instance_name> /opt/sensage/latest/etc/init.d/sensage restart

Note: You can access any of those via SSH. The customer will have the hostname, the user and the password for those nodes, as it is on-premise.

Content Author:

Miguel Molina



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