Downloading Album Assets in Bulk


In Chute, you have the option to download album assets in bulk. This option sends you an email with a link to download a ZIP file containing all assets of the album that you selected.

This article provides a step-by-step process for downloading album assets in bulk in Chute. 



To bulk download album assets in a ZIP file format:

  1. Log in to Chute.

  2. Access the campaign, and then click Library


  3. Open the album and click the gear icon next to it. 


  4. Click Export Album Assets option from the dropdown list. 


  5. Go to your mailbox and open the email from Chute, then click the Here link to download the ZIP file (please refer to the sample email).


  6. Find a location in your drive to store the ZIP file and click Save.

Note: If you did not receive the email, please visit the Email for Bulk Downloading Assets or Data is Missing KB article for the troubleshooting steps. 


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A ZIP file containing all assets of the selected album will be downloaded and saved in your local hard drive. Click to open this file to view the contents. It should contain all the assets of the album you downloaded.


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