Changing a User Password In NuView HRMS


While there's no way to view the current account password that a user has set in NuView HRMS (for security reasons), SuperUsers do have the ability to set the user password to one of their choices. This can be helpful if a user is locked out of their account and is not receiving the password reset emails or if they forgot what their password is. 


In order to reset a password to a NuView HRMS account, follow the steps described below:

Requirements: SuperUser access to HRMS

1. Log in to your HRMS platform.

2. Go to System > Security > Users from the left menu bar. 


3. Enter the user's name into the User field and hit Enter to search. 

4. Click on the appropriate user record from the search results to the right of the screen.


5. On the User Accounts screen, enter a new password into the Password field. 

6. Click on the Rebuild button next to Rebuild User.


The following dialogue box will pop up:


7. To check on the process in the task queue, go to Home > To Dos

8. On the queue page you are brought to, find the details of the password change task. The To Do Name will be Build Security <username>.   

9. Check the Status. Once it is Completed, then the user will be able to log in with the new password. 



Alternative Option

1. Follow steps 1-4 described above

2. Click on the "Personalize" tab and create a security question with a secret answer.

3. Click Rebuild and wait for the process to finish. (You can check the process by following the steps 7-9 described above)

4. Ask the user to click "Forgot Password" and enter the secret answer to the security question. They will be redirected to create a new password.



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